We have set certain rules and regulations for the team members to follow and complete the task in the set time frame.

  •  The organization will set clear and achievable deadlines for tasks.
  •  Team members should plan their work in advance and report their progress to their supervisor on a regular basis.
  •  All team members should be aware of the deadlines and should take necessary steps to meet them.
  •  All tasks should be divided among the team members in such a way that the task is completed before the set deadline.
  •  The organization should incentivize team members who meet their deadlines and work efficiently.
  •  Regular meetings should be held to discuss the progress of the tasks and to review any potential delays.
  •  The organization should provide necessary resources to the team to enable them to meet the deadlines.
  •  The organization should provide a system of accountability to ensure that team members remain committed to meeting the set deadlines.
  •  The organization should provide clear communication channels to ensure that all team members are updated about the progress of the task.
  •  The organization should provide timely feedback to team members about their performance to ensure that they remain motivated and committed.